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Civics Podcast Application



Our CIVICS PODCAST grant was created to increase student civic engagement through podcasting. Our grant will provide teachers with the funds necessary to purchase equipment for students to produce their podcast and the platform to share them with their peers, their community, and the world! 

学生播客可以涵盖各种相关话题,比如电子烟, gun laws, social media, bullying, and environmental issues - but ultimately the students will select relevant issues of most concern to them. 获得播客资助的教师帮助学生研究课题, identify interview subjects, help students secure interviews, write interview questions, 并使用批判性思维技能来分析多个观点. 

资金可用于购买播客录音工具(不超过300美元), and video creation, 编辑和脚本听写软件包. 获资助学生须向立博中文版提交他们的学生播客主题, 所有的学生播客都必须包括采访. 欢迎参加11月4日的创意博览工作坊, 将提供技术细节方面的培训, interviewing techniques and more.

*低年级教师可例外. 申请前请联系Ideas with Impact项目总监.


请仔细阅读这些程序和注意事项 before starting your application:

  • 所有学生播客主题必须是公民相关的.
  • 学生必须被允许选择他们播客的主题. 他们可以选择全年专注于一个主题,也可以选择多个主题.
  • You must get approval from the Education Fund Program Director of your students' topic(s) once they have been chosen, 在你开始之前计划好了多少集.
  • 学生被要求建立并捍卫他们对主题的观点。, 并学会倡导他们希望看到的变化.
  • 学生被要求与专家进行面谈, elected officials, and others in positions to enact change.
  • 教师必须提交至少1集的学生播客. 
  • Approval is required from your school principal to ensure that appropriate administrative personnel are aware of your submission of the grant application.
  • 项目资金必须在本学年使用.
  • A final expense report will be required.
  • 立博中文版保留公布所有资料的权利, audio files, and photos related to grant programs.
  • 教师必须提交学生录制播客的照片

Contact Information:
Audrey Onyeike
Program Director
Ideas with IMPACT
The Education Fund